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Let Go & Flow

I believe there is so much we can learn from our every day life, what we can learn from observing the life, the emotions, everyday situations... We have so much to learn from each other, we can help each other grow if we start to be aware that this life is not just about us as individuals, it is about the world as whole, where each of us has a very important role. And there is this one thing that connects us all, the desire to feel loved and free. Some people thing they can feel loved and free if they have enough money, enough fame or power... But at the end of the day it is only compassion and empathy towards others, ourselves and this world that can bring us love and freedom. We keep forgetting this every day, because the things we mostly perceive with our eyes are competition, fear or nonsatisfaction...

Every day I try to learn as much as I can, because this life is not about survival it is about living our full potential. It is so hard sometimes to really live, because the EGO what is the voice in our head always telling us to be afraid, to doubt ourselves, to distrust people... This voice (that is not us) is holding us back from achieving growth, from living fulfilled and harmonic life as humanity...

Today I don't want to talk about EGO yet, because it is something so invisible yet so powerful, that it is also very hard to understand....

Today I want to talk about how to learn to let go and flow with life...

So why to let go?

I am writing about letting go because me myself I let go so many times, and I just than I could move on and things fall into place. I achieved happiness and feeling of freedom in my heart, and that is something what everybody deserves to feel. I let go of many relationships that were holding me back, I let go of my studies because I don't believe I need to have diploma to succeed in life. I let go of the environment that was full of fear and ego... So I could be now here in Costa Rica, living a life to the fullest... That doesn't mean that I don't struggle (I do a looot) or I don't feel sad sometimes. But I live almost every day without fear or doubt.

Now I've just realized... There is too much "I" in my story... That's the ego mind, that is used to think it is all about me, hahaha ... But in my heart I know it isn't...

Letting go of fears, doubts and ego is so hard, it is a process we have to work on constantly, because it is hard to change the way of thinking and living after being used to something totally different.... It is like to start dreaming while being awake instead of living while being asleep....

We have to realize that we cannot control life, we have to go with the flow if we want to live peacefully. We have to understand that anything that happens to us is for our good, to make us learn or grow. It is so human to make mistakes, so don't blame yourself for making a wrong move... The only wrong move you can ever make is not to try! Because if you don't try, you automatically loose a chance to score!!! But if you try than you or win or learn, but you never ever loose :)

The only thing you can control in your life are your decisions, the right decisions are those that align with your life mission. However, what is right and what is wrong??? The wrong decision is the one that you made according to what others say, or that you make from fear or doubt... The right decision is the one that you make without thinking, spontaneously, that comes from your heart. Never ever doubt this kind of decision, never ever doubt your intuition! Your heart should be your only guide :)

On the other side, if you miss a chance or you listen to your ego mind and make decisions based on fear, don't blame yourself... Let go! Mistakes are good to make. We should make more of them more often, to learn and grow faster so soon we can become the best versions of ourselves.

To make mistake is never a problem, the only problem is to never learn the lesson... If we don't see the mistakes we made, we will make them again and again and get stuck at one point and never move forward in life.

So don't punish yourself for making wrong decisions, let go and learn so the future YOU will be better than the YOU today!

Love & Peace

Art By Alfredo Zagaceta

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