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Love to be YOU

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Love to be you!

Our society shaped us in many ways since we were born. We were taught to follow the rules, the rules that are same for everybody even though each of us is so different and unique. We were born free and pure, full of joy and happiness. There was no fear and no limitations. And that’s how we should live forever!

The question is, why we let the inner child to disappear? Because we were forced to loose our identity… Since we are little they teach us to be all the same, to go to school, to have good grades, to graduate, to find a job, earn good money, find a partner, have children, buy a house… And if we do not achieve it we feel like we failed… But now I am asking you! Who said and who decided it should be this way? Why we all should do the same thing in life if we are all different? It doesn’t make even logical sense… Each of us is unique, each of us is special, but we cannot see it if we do what all the rest does.

We can only see it if we follow our passion, because we will become masters in what we are passionate about. To be completely you, makes you perfect, to be completely you, will make you succeed in life.

To be completely you, brings the magic into your life, in form of energy, luck, love and happiness. So why so many people still wear the mask and shame for, who they are? It is because they all want to be perfect! That brings suffering. Why? Because nobody can be perfect! Everybody has some imperfections, and that makes each of us so unique, so special, so authentic. It is stupid to hide our true self behind the role of a perfect human. What is even the description of perfect human? What does that even mean? I believe we were born perfect, perfect to live our life purpose. But if we don’t see our qualities and if we try to be like other people, than we will miss our purpose, and even though we will be good at what we do, we will never really be happy.

Love yourself the way you are! And people will love you exactly the same way :)

Be kind to yourself, respect yourself and others will treat you the same way!

You are worth respect and love, but if you cannot give it to yourself than don’t expect it from others to give it to you…

The most important thing is to feel good about yourself, to wake up in the morning look at the mirror and smile at yourself, be happy in your body, love you unique features, and love your unique way of being. Be confident and show the world that you are enough the way you are! You don’t need anybody’s confirmation of your inner and outer beauty, and you don’t need to please others with your attitude. TO BE YOU IT’S ALREADY ENOUGH J

Make sure people love you for who you really are, that those who love you, love really YOU and not the person you pretend to be to make them fall in love with you. If you are not authentic, you can never attract real love into your life, because people will not love your true self, but for that fake self that cannot last forever. Why it will not be forever? Because when the ‘perfect mask’ falls off of your face, the perfect love disappears…

Do you really want people to fall in love with you because you look beautiful? Or do you want people to fall in love with your personality, with your soul, with your energy? Your physical body is not who you are, so if somebody is attracted to you because of your beautiful eyes or nice face, that person is not attracted to your soul, but to your body… And the body changes, it gets old or damaged and than the attraction disappears and the only attractive part that is left is YOU.

Real love can only exist between real people! Once you are real, you have no reason to change, so once you love, you love fully and forever. Doesn’t it sound as a dream? To be loved unconditionally for who we really are, to be free and to feel beautiful and happy just by being ourselves…

Art By Alegria Mariposa Galactica

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