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My journey as a true goddess warrior has started the moment my soul entered the human body. The moment I have felt the connection with this material and physical world for the very first time, I knew I have arrived to serve a higher purpose. This purpose is to show you the beauty and light within, connect you to your true essence, and guide you on your path of healing. 

I have traveled the world, observed people, studied human consciousness, I have explored different cultures and their healing methods. And all of the experiences I have had with different tribes and plant medicines have though me different tools to live a very blissful life. A big part of my teachings and techniques are based on the power of vibrations and frequencies. I believe in a balanced connection between the material and spiritual world in order to live a healthy life in every aspect. It is all about the perfect balance in everything, it is all about the PRESENT moment and right PERSPECTIVE. 

MY core life believe is that only LOVE can HEAL the WORLD, and only TRUST can eliminate the FEAR.

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