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Deep Relaxation

Through Sounds and Guided Meditation you will tune into to the frequency of love & joy where you will experience deep healing and relaxation.

This session is a gift for yourself and a way to recharge your body, calm your mind a connect to your soul. 

This type of therapy is a way of disconnecting from the outside world, connecting to your heart and soul and letting go of your mind for a moment. During this session you will completely relax your physical body and your mind. 

The power of the sound and vibrations are very healing, calming and harmonizing. They have the power to take you into the present moment and elevate your frequency to the one of bliss, love & gratitude. The sound of the instruments as well as the intuitive energy work that you receive during the session will take you on a journey of inner peace and deep relaxation. You will be guided with intention to connect you to your inner light and to open your heart to receive more love & joy 

This is an in person service, that you can book as individual or a group. You can also book me for your event or retreat. 



Find Your True Potential

Each of us is a unique individual, that has special gifts and talents. each of us is an important part of the whole and our purpose is to contribute into better world with our essence.

In these sessions you will be guided to find your inner light and your true purpose in life. Through different shamanic and spiritual tools and techniques we will tap into the frequency of love and abundance where you will discover the directions for your life path. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and healing that will help you see the magic of each moment and teach you how to trust life and listen to your inner voice. 

You will get all the support and love you need in your process of transformation & awakening.

These sessions are customized to every ones personal needs and levels of consciousness. They will help you to discover your own path towards healing and transformation using different tools that I have practiced for years that have showed me how to live a blissful and abundant life without fear, full of love.

Together we are stronger, and by healing yourself you heal the world. It is my calling and divine purpose to share with you my experiences, wisdom and energy. 

Let's be the change we want to see in this world. 

You will get a free 15 min Introduction call when booking.



An Ancient tool to boost your Happiness

Magical experience with the ancestral medicine - CACAO. This drink is a 'drink of Gods' that will raise your frequency, open your heart and boost the endorphins in your brain. This session is a shamanic journey where you will charge yourself with very positive vital energy and feelings of love & gratitude will flow through your being. 

You can book this session in person as an individual or a as a group for a private event or retreat. 



Creating Magic

My biggest passion is to connect people and bring unforgettable moments full of joy and healing into their lives. My biggest gift is the one of interpersonal communication, public management skills and sharing light & love with the world. After many years of experience organizing and coordinating different events, from luxury wedding planning to healing and holistic events in beautiful Costa Rica I would like to help others to succeed with their event and retreats around the world. 

If you would like to know more about me and book me for your event, please click below and connect via email.



Complete Self- Love

This is a very healing session, where you will experience a deep relaxation of your body and mind. This is an in person therapy and a full body experience where I use different massage techniques, aromatherapy, sound healing and energy healing. If you feel like you want a complete reset and you need to recharge your vital energy, this is a great therapy for you. You will feel loved, nourished, relaxed and restored for the following few days after the session. This hands-on body treatment leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. This treatment positively contributes to your overall well-being. 
You deserve this!

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Are you looking for harmony & peace in your life? Are you looking for your purpose in life and inner strength? Or maybe you need someone for your event or retreat? I am here for you to assist you dear soul.

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